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Domino Day Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Domino Day Age Rating and Parents Guide
Domino Day Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Domino Day Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Domino Day” is a captivating British fantasy television series that delves into the mysterious world of Domino, a young woman grappling with her supernatural abilities and the consequences they entail. Created by Lauren Sequeira and produced by Dancing Ledge Productions for BBC Three, the series presents a gripping narrative filled with intrigue, magic, and the complexities of human nature.

Age Rating: 18 or TV-MA

Considering the genre and storyline of “Domino Day,” a suggested age rating of 18 or TV-MA is recommended. This rating takes into account the mature themes presented in the series, including violence, supernatural elements, and psychological tension. Viewers aged 17 and above are more likely to comprehend and appreciate the complexities of the storyline while also being able to navigate the darker aspects portrayed on screen.

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Reasons Behind the Age Rating:

  1. Mature Themes: Beyond its surface-level elements, “Domino Day” is likely to explore complex themes such as morality, power dynamics, and the consequences of one’s actions. Such nuanced storytelling may be more appreciated and understood by mature audiences who can engage critically with the material.
  2. Violence and Intensity: “Domino Day” is expected to feature scenes of violence and suspense, which could be disturbing or overwhelming for younger viewers.
  3. Complex Characters: The nuanced portrayal of characters grappling with inner demons and moral dilemmas may resonate more with older audiences who can appreciate the depth of character development.
  4. Sexual Content: The series includes a level of sexual content that is more suited for mature viewers. While such scenes may be integral to character development and plot progression, they may contain explicit content that could be inappropriate for younger viewers.
  5. Supernatural Elements: The supernatural elements of the series, including magic and paranormal phenomena, add an additional layer of complexity that may be better understood by older viewers.

Parental Guidance Advised:

While age ratings serve as guidelines, individual viewer discretion is advised. Parents and guardians should assess the maturity level of younger viewers and consider whether the content of “Domino Day” aligns with their comfort levels and values. Additionally, engaging in open discussions about the themes and content of the series can further enhance the viewing experience and promote media literacy among younger audiences.

Series Details:

TitleDomino Day
Release Date31 January 2024
Created byLauren Sequeira
Directed byEva Sigurdardott, Nadira Amrani
Country of originUnited Kingdom
Also known as“Domino Day”
Filming locationsManchester, England, UK (location)
Production companiesBBC Three, Dancing Ledge Productions
Runtime42 minutes
NetworkBBC Three

Top Cast:

Siena KellyDomino
Alisha BaileyKat
Poppy Lee FriarGeri
Percelle AscottLeon
Molly HarrisJules
Sam Howard-SneydSilas
Jonah RzeskiewiczBabirye Bukilwa
Maimuna MemonSammie
Christopher JeffersVedita
Sandra James-YoungAncestor Hyacinth
Darren TigheCal
Philip RoschIvan
Manpreet BachuKrish
Lucy CohuEsme
Tom ClaxtonFreddie
Ellie MejiaLiv
Shane WalkerJon


In “Domino Day,” the titular character, Domino, isn’t on a quest for love but rather on a hunt for victims. Tormented by her insatiable need to ‘feed’ on others, her extraordinary powers pose a threat not only to herself but to those around her, as she navigates the perilous path between her desires and the danger they entail.


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