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Crypt of Evil Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023)

Crypt of Evil Age Rating and Parents Guide
Crypt of Evil Age Rating and Parents Guide (2023) 2

Crypt of Evil Age Rating and Parents Guide

Crypt of Evil takes audiences on a chilling journey into the depths of terror, as a group of friends finds themselves ensnared in the clutches of a cursed crypt. Directed by the dynamic duo of Miles Jonn-Dalton and Nikolai Malden, the film promises spine-tingling suspense and bone-chilling horror. As the anticipation builds for the release of the movie, horror enthusiasts are eager to know what age group is best suited to experience the spine-chilling tale of friends ensnared in a cursed crypt. Let’s delve into the eerie details of this upcoming cinematic nightmare.

Genre and Themes:

“Crypt of Evil” falls squarely within the horror genre, promising an unsettling and suspenseful experience. The storyline revolves around a cursed crypt, suggesting supernatural elements, dark mysteries, and potentially frightening scenes. The film’s tagline, “Hidden amongst the dead lies an evil that can never be BURIED!” hints at a level of intensity that may not be suitable for all audiences.

Suggested Age Rating:

As of now, the age rating for “Crypt of Evil” has not been officially disclosed. So, given the nature of the horror genre and the potential for intense and frightening scenes, it is suggested that the film may be best suited for viewers aged 16 and above. This suggested age rating takes into account the typical threshold for horror movies, where themes, visuals, and narratives may be better appreciated and understood by a more mature audience.

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Reasoning for the Suggested Age Rating:

  1. Intense Scenes: Horror films often include scenes of suspense, gore, or supernatural elements that may be unsettling for younger viewers.
  2. Complex Plot: As indicated by the diverse cast and the cryptic nature of the storyline, the film may involve intricate plot twists and mature themes that could be challenging for younger audiences to grasp.
  3. Psychological Impact: Horror movies can have a psychological impact on viewers, and the suggested age rating aims to ensure that the content is appropriate for individuals who can handle the emotional and psychological aspects of the genre.
  4. Advisory for Parents: Parents and guardians are encouraged to consider the suggested age rating as a guide and make informed decisions based on their knowledge of their children’s sensitivities and maturity levels.

Other Details:

Movie TitleCrypt of Evil
DirectorMiles Jonn-Dalton, Nikolai Malden
WriterGeoff Alsopp, Miles Jonn-Dalton, Nikolai Malden
Release DateDecember 30, 2023 (United States)
Country of OriginUnited States
Production CompanyCinefilm Transinternational
Suggested Age Rating16 and above


Antonio CantaforaJens Anders
Miles Jonn-DaltonTony Diamond
Gianni MacchiaBaron Wladimir Von Orloc
Malisa LongoLady Anastasia Von Orloc
Antonio MayansFather Dominic
Ellen WingTatyana Sarris
Giovanni AgròJannick
Lone FlemingCountess Natalya Von Orloc
Rinaldo TalamontiCount Remy DeLint
Libby AmatoMircalla
Nicholas CantaforaDmitri Von Orloc
Pauline PeartZarabeth
Pia BertucciDominique Devereaux
Michael CristianElias
Fabiano LioiRodolfo
Jacqueline NemorinAzraelle
Shana CantaforaKaterina
Genevieve LenetteContessa Lucia Von Orloc

Plot Overview:

Embarking on a caving adventure, the friends find themselves trapped within the cursed crypt, where an ancient evil is unleashed. As the suspense builds and the horrors unfold, the characters must confront the malevolent forces lurking in the shadows.


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