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Crooks Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024)

Crooks Parents Guide and Age Rating
Crooks Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024) 2

Crooks Parents Guide and Age Rating:

“Crooks,” is a German thrilling crime drama series set to debut on Netflix on April 4, 2024. Created by Marvin Kren, and co-created by Benjamin Hessler and Georg Lippert, “Crooks” promises to deliver a riveting storyline set against the vibrant backdrop of Berlin and Bavaria. With a stellar cast led by Frederick Lau, Christoph Krutzler, and Svenja Jung, this action-packed drama is set to captivate audiences with its gritty portrayal of crime and betrayal.

Crooks Age Rating: 18+ or TV-MA

“Crooks” has been assigned an age rating of 18+ or TV-MA, indicating that the series is intended for adult audiences only. This rating suggests that the content of the series may contain material that is not suitable for viewers under the age of 18.

Reasons for Age Rating:

  1. Violence: “Crooks” is a crime drama series set against the backdrop of Berlin and Bavaria, featuring themes of crime, betrayal, and danger. As such, the series includes intense scenes of violence, including gunfights, physical altercations, and tense confrontations. The depiction of violence in the series is intense and graphic, deemed unsuitable for younger viewers.
  2. Language: Given the gritty and realistic nature of the storyline, “Crooks” contains strong language throughout the series. This could include the use of profanity, explicit dialogue, and coarse language, which may not be appropriate for younger audiences.
  3. Mature Themes: Additionally, “Crooks” explores mature themes such as crime, deception, and the consequences of one’s actions. The series delves into the underworld of criminal activity, showcasing the complexities of human nature and the moral dilemmas faced by its characters. These themes may be too intense or unsettling for younger viewers to comprehend.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

Due to its 18+ age rating, “Crooks” is intended for mature audiences who can appreciate the nuanced storytelling and complex characters depicted in the series. Parents and guardians should exercise caution and carefully consider whether the content of “Crooks” is suitable for their audience, taking into account factors such as maturity level, sensitivity to violence and mature themes, and personal preferences.

Series Details:

Release DateApril 4, 2024
Creator & ShowrunnerMarvin Kren
Co-CreatorsBenjamin Hessler, Georg Lippert
ProducersQuirin Berg, Max Wiedemann
DirectorsMarvin Kren, Cüneyt Kaya
GenresAction, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Age Rating18+
Country of OriginGermany
Also Known AsЗлочинці (Ukrainian)
Filming LocationsBerlin, Germany
Production CompaniesViola Film, Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion

Top Cast:

Frederick Lau
Christoph Krutzler
Svenja Jung
Karl Welunschek
Georg Friedrich
Jonathan Tittel
Kida Khodr Ramadan
Erdal Yıldız
Nima Yaghobi (Nimo)
Lukas Watzl
Maya Unger
Jan Georg Schütte
Robert Finster
Veysel Gelin
Branko Samarovski
Brigitte Kren
Virginie Peignien


Set against the backdrop of Berlin, “Crooks” follows the story of Charly, a family man whose peaceful life is shattered when his dark past comes back to haunt him. Threatened by old acquaintances, Charly is forced to embark on a dangerous mission to steal a valuable coin. However, when the heist goes awry, Charly finds himself entangled in a deadly shootout that changes everything. Now, Charly and Joseph, a driver from a Viennese clan, must join forces to protect Charly’s family and evade the dangers lurking in the criminal underworld.


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