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Constellation Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024)

Constellation Age Rating and Parents Guide
Constellation Age Rating & Parents Guide (2024) 2

Constellation Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Constellation,” a highly anticipated psychological thriller television series created by Peter Harness, is set to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline and stellar cast. Scheduled for release on February 21, 2024, on Apple TV+, the series promises an intriguing blend of suspense and mystery.

Genre and Themes:

“Constellation” falls under the thriller genre, promising a gripping narrative that revolves around the aftermath of a space disaster and the uncovering of hidden secrets. Given the nature of the series, it is essential to consider elements of suspense, psychological tension, and potentially intense situations.

Age Rating: TV-MA

“Constellation” carries a TV-MA (Mature Audience) rating, due to its intense themes and complex storyline. This rating shows that the series is suitable for more mature audiences of 17 and above.

Reasons behind the TV-MA Rating:

  1. Intense Themes: The series is expected to delve into the psychological and emotional toll of a space disaster, exploring themes that may be more appreciated and understood by a mature audience.
  2. Suspenseful Atmosphere: Thrillers often create a suspenseful atmosphere that may be unsettling for younger viewers. A suggested age rating of 17 and above aligns with the ability of mature audiences to engage with and appreciate the complexities of the storyline.
  3. Complex Storyline: The narrative is likely to involve intricate plot twists and revelations, requiring a level of cognitive maturity to fully grasp and enjoy the unfolding mysteries.
  4. Potential Disturbing Content: While specifics are not outlined, the series may contain content that could be disturbing for younger viewers, warranting a suggested age rating that reflects the potential intensity of certain scenes.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

While the age rating is 17 and above, parental guidance is encouraged for viewers within this age range. Parents should consider their child’s individual sensitivities and maturity level before allowing them to watch “Constellation.” Engaging in discussions about the themes explored in the series can also enhance the viewing experience for younger audiences.

Series Details:

Creator & WriterPeter Harness
DirectorsPeter Harness, Michelle MacLaren, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Joseph Cedar
Release DateFebruary 21, 2024 (United States)
Countries of OriginUnited States, United Kingdom, France
NetworkApple TV+
Also Known As異星謎變 (International title)
Filming LocationsInari, Finland
Production CompaniesTurbine Studios, Haut Et Court Tv

Top Cast:

Noomi RapaceJo
Lenn KudrjawizkiSergei Vassiliev
Rebecca ScroggsErica Lancaster
Clare-Hope AshiteyAgent Bright
Jonathan BanksHenry
Michel DiercksJimmy
James D’ArcyMagnus
Davina ColemanAlice
Rosie ColemanAlice
William CatlettPaul Lancaster
Barbara SukowaIrene Lysenko
Henry DavidIlya Andreev
Carole WeyersAudrey Brostin
Sandra TelesYazmina Suri
Chipo ChungMichaela Moyone
Sadie SweetWendy Lancaster
Eleanor FanyinkaEryn Lafferty
Julian Looman


The narrative revolves around Jo, a lone astronaut returning to Earth after a catastrophic incident on the International Space Station. To her shock, she discovers that vital elements of her life, including her young daughter, have undergone significant changes. Fueled by a desire to expose the concealed secrets of space travel, Jo embarks on a mission to unveil the truth and reclaim what she has lost.

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