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Carol Doda Topless at the Condor Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Carol Doda Topless at the Condor Age Rating and Parents Guide
Carol Doda Topless at the Condor Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Carol Doda Topless at the Condor Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Carol Doda Topless at the Condor” is a captivating feature-length documentary that delves into the intriguing history of topless dancing in San Francisco during the transformative year of 1964. Directed by Marlo McKenzie and Jonathan Parker, the film provides a nostalgic journey to a time when Carol Doda (August 29, 1937 – November 9, 2015) made headlines as the first dancer to go topless, turning the Condor Club into a tourist hotspot rivaling even the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Scheduled for release on March 29, 2024, the documentary is set to provide audiences with a unique glimpse into the past and the impact of Carol Doda’s historic decision.

Genre and Content Analysis:

“Carol Doda Topless at the Condor” falls into the documentary genre, aiming to provide a historical account of the 1964 transformation of San Francisco’s Condor Club. The film focuses on Carol Doda, the first dancer to go topless, and the societal shifts that accompanied this groundbreaking decision. The narrative encompasses cultural changes, making it a piece of historical documentation.

Age Rating: R

“Carol Doda Topless at the Condor” has been rated R by the MPAA. An R rating indicates that the content of the film may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 17 without parental guidance.


  1. Nudity/Graphic Nudity Throughout: Given the subject matter of the documentary, which revolves around Carol Doda’s groundbreaking decision to perform topless, viewers can expect to see nudity and graphic nudity depicted throughout the film. This includes scenes showing Doda’s performances and the cultural impact of her actions on the era.
  2. Some Sexual Material: The documentary may contain depictions of sexual material, reflecting the atmosphere of San Francisco’s nightlife scene during the 1960s. While the focus is likely to be on Doda’s career and her influence on popular culture, there may be discussions or portrayals of sexual themes relevant to the time period.
  3. Language: As with many documentaries that explore the social and cultural dynamics of a specific time and place, “Carol Doda Topless at the Condor” may include language that reflects the vernacular of the era. This could involve the use of strong or explicit language, which contributes to the film’s R-rating.
  4. Drug Content: Given the historical context of San Francisco in the 1960s, where the counterculture movement and experimentation with drugs were prevalent, the documentary may feature depictions of drug use or references to drug culture. This aspect of the film contributes to its R-rating and may not be suitable for all audiences.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

The R-rating for “Carol Doda Topless at the Condor” indicates that the content is intended for mature audiences. Parents are advised to consider the film’s subject matter and rating before allowing younger viewers to watch it. While the documentary offers a historical and cultural exploration of Carol Doda’s impact on society, it also contains elements that may not be suitable for all ages.

Documentary Details:

TitleCarol Doda Topless at the Condor
DirectorsMarlo McKenzie, Jonathan Parker
WritersKaren Everett, Marlo McKenzie, Jonathan Parker
Release DateMarch 29, 2024 (United States)
Country of OriginUnited States
Production CompanyParker Film Company

Top Cast:

Pete Mattioli
Charles North
Philip DerDevanis
Art Thanash
Lauren Laugen
Charlie Farrugia
George Faulknor
Dina Moore
Leslie Gilton
Benita Mattioli


The documentary unfolds against the backdrop of 1964 San Francisco, where Carol Doda’s decision to go topless at the Condor Club marked a pivotal moment in cultural history. The film explores the rise of the Condor Club as a landmark, with Carol Doda’s topless performances turning her into a sensation and transforming the club into a must-visit attraction for locals and tourists alike.


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