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Bandidos Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024)

Bandidos Age Rating and Parents Guide
Bandidos Age Rating and Parents Guide (2024) 2

Bandidos Age Rating and Parents Guide:

“Bandidos” is an exciting new TV series coming soon to Netflix. Created by Pablo Tébar, this action-packed adventure is set to debut on March 13, 2024, in Mexico. Join Miguel and Lilí on their thrilling journey to find treasure hidden in the depths of the ocean. But they’re not alone in their quest, as they encounter dangerous bandits and unexpected challenges along the way. “Bandidos” promises to deliver an electrifying blend of action, adventure, crime, drama, mystery, and thriller genres, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats across seven riveting episodes.

Age Rating: TV-MA or 18+

“Bandidos” has been assigned an age rating of TV-MA or 18, which stands for Mature Audience Only. This rating is indicative of content that may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 17 without parental guidance. The TV-MA rating encompasses a wide range of themes and elements that could include intense violence, strong language, sexual content, and substance abuse, among others.

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Reasons Behind the Age Rating:

  1. Violence and Action: Given the nature of “Bandidos” as an action-adventure series, it’s expected to feature sequences of violence, including combat, gunfights, and perilous situations. These elements may be intense and could warrant a mature audience rating.
  2. Language and Mature Content: As a crime drama set in a gritty underworld, “Bandidos” feature strong language, explicit dialogue, and adult themes. These aspects contribute to the series’ overall tone and may influence its age rating.
  3. Sexual Content and Nudity: While specific details about the series’ content are not provided, it’s common for mature-themed productions to include scenes depicting sexual content or nudity. These instances, if present, would contribute to the TV-MA rating.
  4. Thematic Complexity: “Bandidos” is likely to explore complex themes such as greed, betrayal, redemption, and the pursuit of hidden treasures. These thematic elements add depth to the storytelling but may also contain mature subject matter.

Implications for Viewers:

For viewers considering watching “Bandidos,” particularly those under the age of 17, it’s essential to take the TV-MA rating into account and assess whether the content aligns with their preferences and comfort levels. Parents and guardians are encouraged to preview the series and determine its appropriateness for younger viewers based on its themes, content, and individual maturity levels.

Series Details:

Release DateMarch 13, 2024
GenresAction, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
ShowrunnerPablo Tébar
DirectorAdrian Grunberg
CinematographyAntonio Riestra
ProducersJuan Manuel Borbolla, Alejandro Brugués, Mark Holder, Karla Luna Cantu, Esteban Orozco, Stacy Perskie, Adrian Grunberg
ProductionWonder Street, Redrum, Traziende Films
Countries of OriginUnited States, Mexico
Also Known AsBandidos: Na tropie skarbu
Age RatingTV-MA or 18+
Filming LocationsMexico
Production CompaniesWonder Street, Redrum, Traziende Films

Top Cast:

Ester ExpósitoLilí
Alfonso DosalMiguel
Mabel CadenaInés
Juan Pablo MedinaWilson
Andres BaidaAriel
Nicolás FurtadoOctavio
Sarah NicholsNathalie
Luis Gerardo Méndez
Christine Holder
Leonardo Zimbrón
Andrew J. Wilson
Bruno Bichir


The narrative revolves around Miguel and his partner-in-crime, Lilí, embarking on a daring quest to retrieve a long-lost treasure from an underwater shipwreck of a Spanish galleon. The vessel sank during the War of Independence along the Atlantic coast of Mexico. However, their mission takes an unexpected turn when they realize they’re not the only ones chasing after the forgotten riches. To succeed, Miguel and Lilí must forge uneasy alliances with a group of bandits, navigating treacherous waters both above and below the surface.


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