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Alert-Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024)

Alert-Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating
Alert-Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating (2024) 2

Alert-Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Parents Guide and Age Rating:

“Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2” is a captivating American police procedural crime drama series that premiered on Fox on January 8, 2023, gears up for its highly anticipated second season. Set to premiere its second season on March 5, 2024, this captivating show promises more thrills, suspense, and emotional moments for viewers to enjoy. Created by John Eisendrath and Jamie Foxx, Alert: Missing Persons Unit follows the gripping investigations led by detectives Jason Grant and Nikki Batista as they navigate the challenging world of missing persons cases.

Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2 Age Rating: TV-14

“Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2” carries a TV-14 rating. This age rating suggests that the content of the series may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 14 without parental guidance.

Reasons Behind the Age Rating:

  1. Language (L): The series may contain moderate to strong language, including the occasional use of profanity. While not pervasive, viewers can expect realistic dialogue that reflects the intensity and authenticity of the situations depicted.
  2. Violence (V): “Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2” may feature scenes of moderate violence, such as intense confrontations, physical altercations, or dramatic situations inherent to police procedural dramas. While not excessively graphic, these moments contribute to the tension and suspense of the narrative.
  3. Sexual Content (S): The show may include mild to moderate instances of sexual content or suggestive themes. While not a central focus, these elements may arise within the context of character relationships or storylines, adding depth to the portrayal of interpersonal dynamics.

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Parental Guidance Advised:

For viewers aged 14 and older, “Alert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2” offers an immersive storytelling experience characterized by its compelling plotlines, nuanced character development, and suspenseful twists. However, parents and guardians should exercise discretion when considering the suitability of the series for younger audiences. While the age rating provides valuable guidance, individual sensitivities and preferences may vary. Some parents may feel comfortable allowing mature adolescents to watch the show under supervision, while others may prefer to preview episodes in advance to assess their appropriateness.

Series Details:

TitleAlert: Missing Persons Unit Season 2
Season 2 Premiere DateMarch 5, 2024
Created byJohn Eisendrath, Jamie Foxx
Executive ProducersJohn Eisendrath, Jamie Foxx, Datari Turner, Carla Kettner, Jon Cowan, Brandon Sonnier, Brandon Margolis, Sean Hennen, Brad Turner
Age RatingTV-14
GenreCrime, Drama, Thriller
Original LanguageEnglish

Top Cast:

Scott CaanJason Grant
Dania RamirezNikki Batista
Adeola RoleKemi Adebayo
Ryan BroussardMike Sherman
Alisha AhamedWayne Pascal
Fivel StewartSidney Grant
Petey GibsonC Hemingway
Gil BellowsHollis Braun
Jarod JosephAndrew Barosso
Thalia CampbellKayla Barosso
Justin StoneTravis Sanders
Elana DunkelmanRachel


Set within the Philadelphia Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit (MPU), the series follows detectives Jason Grant and Nikki Batista as they lead heart-pounding investigations to locate missing individuals. With each episode presenting a race against time to find the lost or abducted, Jason and Nikki, alongside their MPU team, strive to reunite them with their loved ones. What adds a deeply personal dimension to their work is their own unresolved anguish over the disappearance of their son, a tragedy that fractured their marriage but left them bound by a shared quest for answers.


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