2018 Becomes The Highest-Grossing Mollywood Film Ever

by Julia Patrick
2018 Becomes The Highest-Grossing Mollywood Film Ever

2018 Becomes The Highest-Grossing Mollywood Film Ever

In another impressive display of its box office prowess, the 2018 movie continues to captivate audiences across Kerala. On Thursday, the film exhibited remarkable resilience by experiencing a mere 13.0% decline in gross collections compared to Wednesday. With a total of 20 days since its release, the film’s Kerala box office earnings have soared to ₹74 crore. 

However, the 2018 movie’s success extends beyond the boundaries of Kerala, as its global box office receipts have reached an impressive ₹147.3 crores. It overtakes Pulimurugan movie to become highest grossing Mollywood movie ever. This remarkable feat further solidifies the film’s position as a worldwide blockbuster. Expectations are sky-high as the film surpasses the monumental ₹78.5 crore record set by Pulimurugan in terms of box office collections. 

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As the film industry in Mollywood continues to flourish, here are the current top five highest-grossing films:

  • 1. 2018Movie: ₹147.3 crore* (20 Days)
  • 2. Pulimurugan: ₹137.35 crore
  • 3. Lucifer: ₹125.1 crore
  • 4. Bheeshma Parvam: ₹87.65 crore
  • 5. Kurup: ₹83 crore

With each passing day, the 2018 movie solidifies its reign as the highest-grossing film in Mollywood, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for the box office behemoth.

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