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The hotel is a cruise ship on a rock

Sun Cruise Hotel – Hotel in the form of a cruise liner, located on a cliff in South Korea cruisec

The food in the context of

A food photographer Beth Galton offers a fresh look at some everyday dishes. Series Cut Food – a dish that has been cut in half. Galton was working in collaboration with a food stylist Charlotte Omnes (Charlotte Omnès), which used gelatin in liquid, to strengthen them before cutting.

Wooden bath

A Swiss company produces elegant bathtubs and sinks, made entirely of wood. Given the many years of experience in yacht building and the ability to properly deal with the high-quality wood, bath receive the cancellation. Weight of a bath is about 60-80 kg, the service life of 40-60 years.

Water scooter in the shape of a shark

An amazing combination of perfect natural aerodynamic shape shark, combined with one of the most powerful engines of 260 horsepower personal watercraft allowed to be born “Seabreacher X”. This is not the first model in the line of water scooters “Seabreacher”, but the X-version is the fastest. Earlier in the construction of these machines use
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14-year-old talented photographer

14-year-old boy named Zev, was born and raised in Massachusetts, he shows the skills and creativity of the maturity of adulthood and held reviewers. Most of all he was fascinated by the creation of portraits and self-portraits in the genres of surrealism and magic realism. A series of portraits called Little Folk – «Little people.”

Phantasmagoric face Nicolas Aubury

French designer and illustrator creates unusual portraits of non-existent people, using digital technology. In some cases, Nicolas takes as its basis the photo, and in some paints everything from scratch. About Aubury Nicolas (Nicolas Obery) not a lot of information, so we will concentrate on his work. The author lives and works in Paris. His
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Titanoboa – a snake-monster

After millions of years after the extinction of the dinosaurs existed view serpent that one only for its giant size excites the mind. 60-58 million years ago in the swampy jungles of Colombia lived titanoboa. Like a boa constrictor snake reaches a length of 15 meters and weigh up to a ton. Titanoboa size could
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Hotel Garden in Singapore

Architectural bureau WOHA, known for its “green” projects in Singapore, presented another building, one more step closer to the transformation of the metropolis a huge garden instead of concrete jungle. PARKROYAL – a modern hotel-garden, which is a glass skyscraper decorated with lush plants. Every fourth level of the hotel is a platform with palm
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Great places for rest

Great place to hang a hammock and enjoy life.

Photos taken under water

A selection of very beautiful photos taken underwater. Photo visually divided into two parts, one part of the water, on the other is not.

People’s faces after tequila

Awkward moments for take a photos..

Freeze Frame

A selection of interesting photos..

Amazing pictures of animals

I got bored and I found a collection of interesting pictures of animals and I wanted to share this gallery with you.. Have a good day ~

Furniture eccentricities

The unique studio Straight Line Designs the strangest furniture in the world. Designer Judson Beaumont (Judson Beaumont) and eight members of his studio work only on individual orders, giving priority to the originality and uniqueness of each individual piece of furniture. Grassroots and uniformity – the worst enemies of inspiration. These designers are guided by
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Walking over Rio

Slackline or walking on a tightrope free – a kind of extreme sport, when the rope loosely attached and significantly deviates from a straight line down not only by gravity but also in both directions, due to the efforts of equilibrist. To make these spectacular images and photographer Brian Mosby took a walk on a
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Weird photos

Another collection of funny and bizarre and weird images that can be seen on the Internet Photos made by ordinary people who have witnessed different moments and situations. Strange, funny, and positive pictures.

Contemporary artist Samuel Salcedo

Samuel Salcedo – Spanish contemporary artist. He graduated from the Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. He was famous for outrageous hyper-realistic sculptures.

Neon Falls

Photographers Sean Lenz and Christoffer Abildgaard, armed with glow sticks (chemical light source) and a long shutter speed (from 30 seconds to 7 minutes), they took a series of photographs entitled Neon Luminance (Neon lights). The shooting took place on the falls of Northern California.

Amazing illusion of swimming animals

Singaporean artist Ken Lai (Keng Lye) creates unusual three-dimensional images of animals, using acrylic and epoxy. His work borders between all the usual paintings and sculpture. Ken Lay (Keng Lye) creates the illusion of swimming animals in the water. The process of creating each work is very laborious. Artist fills the tank epoxy, putting on
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Dubai Police transplanted to Lamborghini

Dubai, built on the profits of the oil industry and known for its wealth, continues to thrive. Today there are intensively developing the tourism, real estate and financial services. Gripped the city cash, obviously, means one thing: the offenders go to a very expensive, fast cars. According to the published information they Department of Dubai
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