Street Food in China

Watch how this woman makes chinese pie on the street

Old man drives his car into a flood

Most of the downtown area was suddenly flooded early this morning. Floods are a rare site in my hometown Subotica in northern Serbia.. Sadly, this is the one of the more interesting things that happen around here. The town is also flooded with old senile people, like the senior citizen bellow who drove his car
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The hotel is a cruise ship on a rock

Sun Cruise Hotel – Hotel in the form of a cruise liner, located on a cliff in South Korea cruisec

Photographer Dmitry Zelenskiy

Dmitry, 27 years old, Stavropol. One of the photographers and founder of Studio 52, spent many years away from the civilized world in Kamchatka. In his works, trying to show the greatness of the Kamchatka volcanoes and the beauty of its nature.

The food in the context of

A food photographer Beth Galton offers a fresh look at some everyday dishes. Series Cut Food – a dish that has been cut in half. Galton was working in collaboration with a food stylist Charlotte Omnes (Charlotte Omnès), which used gelatin in liquid, to strengthen them before cutting.

Bromo volcano in Indonesia

Photographer Helminadya Jabour (Helminadia Jabur) removed the volcanic Mount Bromo smoke on the Indonesian island of Java. This active volcano is known for its stunning views.

The most prominent gargoyles in the world

In architecture, a gargoyle – is carved in stone grotesque, usually made ??of granite. Their primary function – water runoff from roofs, so that rain water does not drip down on the stone walls what is corrosive solutions. Most often, the architects used a few gargoyles on one building to separate the flow of water
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Retro Animals

Italian photographer Giacomo Brunelli takes the animals on camera in 1967, exactly the same as it used to his father.

Macro Photography by Mehmet Karaca

Interesting macro shots of the photographer from Turkey Mehmet Karaca

The most beautiful parks of London

We suggest you take a review of the green parts of the capital of England and visit the most beautiful parks of London. Despite the abundance of cars and pedestrian flow, London surprisingly green city. There are more parks and gardens, than in any other district of similar size. Beautiful green areas where you can
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Trains in India by Steve McCurry

Journalist Steve McCurry travels the world and photographing different scenes from the life. This series is dedicated to the trains in India.

Amazing trees of the planet

On the territory of our planet grows countless number of amazing trees. With some of them we will show you in this post.

Wooden bath

A Swiss company produces elegant bathtubs and sinks, made entirely of wood. Given the many years of experience in yacht building and the ability to properly deal with the high-quality wood, bath receive the cancellation. Weight of a bath is about 60-80 kg, the service life of 40-60 years.

Water scooter in the shape of a shark

An amazing combination of perfect natural aerodynamic shape shark, combined with one of the most powerful engines of 260 horsepower personal watercraft allowed to be born “Seabreacher X”. This is not the first model in the line of water scooters “Seabreacher”, but the X-version is the fastest. Earlier in the construction of these machines use
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14-year-old talented photographer

14-year-old boy named Zev, was born and raised in Massachusetts, he shows the skills and creativity of the maturity of adulthood and held reviewers. Most of all he was fascinated by the creation of portraits and self-portraits in the genres of surrealism and magic realism. A series of portraits called Little Folk – «Little people.”

The highest outdoor elevator in Europe – Hammetschwand

This elevator is the highest in Europe, in 1905, he put up passengers at a speed of 1 meter per second. Then it seemed very fast, but now he is able to lift people to a height of 153 m in less than one minute. With elevation with stunning views of Lake Lucerne and the
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Maytszishan caves – a treasure of China

Buddhist complex Maytszishan little known. It is located in Gansu Province in northwest China. This is a striking architectural complex, carved out of the rock. Maytszishan has 7,000 Buddhist sculptures and nearly 1,000 square meters of murals. Maytszishan is just a few miles south of the Great Silk Road. Many of the monks chose to
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Phantasmagoric face Nicolas Aubury

French designer and illustrator creates unusual portraits of non-existent people, using digital technology. In some cases, Nicolas takes as its basis the photo, and in some paints everything from scratch. About Aubury Nicolas (Nicolas Obery) not a lot of information, so we will concentrate on his work. The author lives and works in Paris. His
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Tokyo Auto Salon 2013 Singapore

In Singapore Motor Show held tuned cars called Tokyo Auto Salon Singapore in 2013. In this exhibition was presented a lot of new products and improved tuning of sports cars. So, if you’re a fan of the charged car, I suggest you look carefully continued fasting.

Singapore from the sky

Recently, I was probably one of the most unusual and interesting places of our planet. This mikroside called Singapore. A unique place where you want to live in old age. There is no corruption, there is no criminal, thieves, swindlers, then the state will always remember about you. This mikroside – the real paradise on
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